Test and Measurement Consulting

I have invested more than two decades into mastering test and measurement practices, designing tests, methods and building test rigs and electronics, have worked with OEMs like Volvo, several motorsport teams and highly specialized suppliers. Which is why I can, today, guarantee quality and accurate test and measurement consulting for your business.

Besides selecting the right hardware, it is also about testing the right thing. A modern emergency braking system is not easy tricked to believe the used dummies are real-life objects. It can also be affected by other functions like lane-keeping or environmental inputs. Let me help you to design, plan and perform, optimize tests that really catch the performance you want to asses.

My test and measurement consulting services include:

  • Developing test methods
  • Coordinating and planning testing processes
  • Developing measurement solutions
  • Setting up, maintaining, and running your measurement toolchain
  • Performing measurements and tests
  • Evaluating and documenting outcomes
  • Building prototypes for special measurement demands

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Motorsport Consulting

Do you think it is only luck or money when a someone wins a race? Well sometimes it is. But if you want to win on a more regular basis there is a bit more to it. Knowledge, training, determination and skill are just a few of them.

Having spent the better part of two decades in the box or behind the wheel, having build several cars for these purposes and having worked in national and international series, there is a lot I have done and seen. Not only culminating in a thesis and a book about motorsport data logging, also in building up Roadblaster Motorsport - a Network for knowledge sharing and help to get into - and stay in the racing business.

No matter if you are thinking about to start or are full professional already, if you are not first to see the checkered flag: let us talk!

My motorsport consulting services include:

  • Datalogging to improve the vehicles or/and drivers performance
  • Analyzing and coaching, directly from a vehicle engineer and race driver
  • Selecting, buying, installing and use of datalogging systems
  • Engineering: Suspension, Engine, Electronics
  • Driver training
  • Mechanics training - also Boxing workshops
  • Strategy development: Cars, classes, series, design and even people choices
  • Just make it happen! I am happy to plan, start, organize and even run your very own racing team

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Coaching / Training

How do you make sure your employees are up to date, feeling comfortable with the tasks at hand or hold the important know-how of your industry? As certified teacher from german professional schools for vehicle technology I may have an idea about that.

My coaching and training services include:

  • Workshops
  • Trainings and courses
  • Evaluation, Tests, Assessments
  • Individual issued course material
  • Certified trainer

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