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Automotive CAN & DAQ tools

Devices and solutions for automotive development, production and fleet control
Influx Technology was established in 1999 and has developed a wide range of class leading engineering tools. They offer a huge product range, from excellent datacquisition hardware, dataloggers, remote logging, displays, instrumentation to excellent software, and cloud solutions.
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Software Solutions

CAN, CAN FD, CANopen, J1939, NMEA2000, LIN, SENT and FlexRay network technologies
Warwick Control Technologies is a world leader in Controller Area Network (CAN) and related technology. Their flagship product, the X-Analyser is a powerful Windows based tool that uses Kvaser or Vector interfaces to test all of the above mentioned bus systems. Beside that they also offer complete Protocol Stacks in C-code to speed up your development.
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1001 Display

Proemion CAN Display 1001

Free programmable CAN HMI - IP65
The 1001 is a monochrome, alphanumerical LC display with a CAN connection. Data is entered and altered simply using 3 keys which also have a backlight. 3 indicators show the device's status on the display and a buzzer is attached for sounding warning signals.
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Gas Measurement

Devices and probes for indoor and outdoor gas detection
The wide range for security checks of municipal gas networks ranges from gas measuring and detection devices to probes, suction systems, special measuring devices for leak detection and fully equipped measuring vehicles.

The gas measuring and detection devices are developed, manufactured and sold worldwide in-house at Schuetz Germany. The company has had a certified quality management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001: 2015 for development and production since 2001.
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Moisture Measurement

Devices and probes for easy-to-use and efficient moisture measuring
The humimeter series is comprised of durable, stable humidity and temperature sensors, that deliver measurements within seconds and offer navigation in multiple languages. A range of accessories offers the expansion and customization of applications. The precision moisture meters are easily recognizable by the blue display.
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Environmental Monitoring

Devices, sensors and systems for complete environmental monitoring
Sensors and environmental monitoring equipment including system solutions for data recording, data transmission and analysis of the captured data. With more than 30 years of experience SOMMER is a true measurement specialist and reliable partner in hydrography, meteorology, industry and water management, sewage and for geotechnical applications.

Innovative Doppler radar sensors for discharge measurement, unique snow monitoring technology as well as user friendly systems for data management and telemetry. Monitoring systems far from any infrastructure and in remote and harsh environments, such as alpine and high alpine weather stations.
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Power Measurements

Power Quality Analyzers for Grid, Photo-voltaic, EVs and Windpower
PQ Analysis made easy with innovative PQ instruments. Neo products reflect more than 20 years experience in data acquisition and the power quality market.

The products range from mobile PV inspection instruments (PV Master), mobile PQ Analyser with multi-touch display as well as monitoring solutions. Beyond that, intuitive software simplifies the analysis, report generation and data exports by working in the cloud.
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Modern load cells

Strain, force, load, weight, torque or flow
Octogon is specialized in analytical sensor and measurement technology in all industrial areas, where they offer individual customer system solutions. All the way from the sensor (e.g. weighing technology) to the measuring amplifier to the software.

Their StrainPad works based on strain gauges. The decisive factor here is that no gluing, welding, or screwing is necessary for application.
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Laser Tachometer LT880

Measure the speed of rotating parts easily
Analog output, Display, handheld with batteries
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Hardness Testing

Innovative measurement technology in elastomers and plastics
The workplace solution for standard test procedures according to:
Measurement at the push of a button! Hardness testing has never been so easy and accurate. Standard-compliant hardness determination for elastomers and plastics.
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