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Professional Test & Measurement Services

Orbitron Engineering exists to help businesses, organizations and institutions solve complex measurement problems without delay. By bringing together over 20 years of experience with an unrivaled network of contacts and manufacturers, we make finding the right solution as easy as getting in touch. Exactly what you need to hear when all you want are results you can trust and data you can rely on.

Find Specialist Measurement Equipment

No matter what you need to do, we’ll recommend the ideal approach and the right tools for the job. Over the years we’ve helped everyone from automotive OEMs, Motorsport Teams and industrial manufacturers, to federal schools, automotive workshops, facility managers and even small scale start-ups. Don’t see your business listed on our site? Don’t worry, our process is simple and adaptable:

  • Purchase Measurement Equipment from our shop with the click of a button
  • Find your Testing Setup after our experts evaluated all your exact needs
  • Receive Testing Training so your team can work smarter, not harder

Custom Test & Measurement Solutions

Product testing, test method development and system configuration: we do it all. We’ll even handle the complex world of electronic design and then teach your team how to perform the testing in-house. If you want to know every technical detail, we’ll go as deep as you like. Or if you just want it to work, we’ll provide easy-to-follow explanations that tell you everything you need to know to use the data, and nothing more.

Outsourced Testing & Measurement Projects

Want to ensure you never miss a thing? Businesses from a wide variety of industries have been using us for more than 20 years. The wood & food industry and real estates use us to measure humidity and pinpoint damp. Farmers rely on us for accurate biogas and CO detection. We even help plumbers and mechanics detect highly sensitive hydrogen, LNG, CNG and AC gas leaks. When you come to our one-stop shop for measurements, simply tell us what you need and we’ll take it from there.

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